– Self Sustaining Fish Pond

Putting together the major pond parts as a rough draft (shown.)
Building a self filtering fish pond does not have to be expensive!
I allowed the rain to fill the pool so as to conserve water usage, checked my barrel water fountain s’ pump (to make sure the winter ice had not destroyed it) upon hearing the sweet sound of the motor humming I set upon the next step-
Drawing the water into an aquatic friendly container in which to place the pump – in the center so that it’s “dangling” about 1/2″ to 1″ above the bottom, water is directed into a bio filter then back into the pond (1 empty hdpe coffee can, alternating filter floss and lava rocks-have homes essential for proper bacteria to take “root” for bio filtering.
I’ve installed another water pump away from the filter area between several plants; for water flow and to help the filter system.

One quick word of advice concerning goldfish, they hibernate during the winter, had I read thru the book more thoroughly I’d not have tossed out my fish!

I think I put the videos in a backward sequence, frog & fish.

Ongoing Repairs & Remodels


Dining room window conversion to cook area


Counter being customized for insertion.

Starting electric cooking area



Further progress of new cook area.

At least with some shop in middle school, roofing & framing plus the occasional odd ojt (on the job training) with how to books to get the correct repair, replacement and remodel job completed. Steel cans cut and flattened work great as connection plates plus much more….
More photos and suggestions coming soon-transfer points are slow.

Shop roof lifting to a barn style

House roof repair for metal roofs:


Left side mid roof


Left side roof

We’ve tried several products to repair our seals such as-
Aluminum fiber repair paint
Results: bubbled up and became rubbery.
Roof and door silicone seal
Results: water still came through just not rushing or gushing.
This time we are trying something new- U.Seal Band.
Instructions are easy, application somewhat easy-once paper backing is removed it will stick to anything and everything; including itself!
It also says if over lapping use minimum of 3″, I used 4″just to be safe.
Under cautions it does state it is not to be used on E.P.D.M. rubber roofs.
Get all air bubbles out by pressing and smoothing wroth a metal roller or a cloth pad, exterior applications in cold climates, surface may be warmed.


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